Attendees Modeling Dr. Miller's Super Bowl Ring

Super Bowl XLVI came and went this past Sunday with the New York Giants defeating the New England Patriots in one of the closest contests in Super Bowl history, and with that, another NFL season is officially in the books. If you are like myself, your sights have already been turned to the upcoming season and what is in store for your home team. I happen to be from the Seattle area and the Seahawks are my home team. Our offseasons here in Seattle have been a blur with Pete Carroll and John Schneider almost completely turning over the roster in two short seasons. I have actually been following several mock draft websites like Walter Football for months now trying to figure out what my team will do in the upcoming draft and over the offseason, and I have done it for at least the past five years as well. It is now crunch time for the draft eligible players. It is time for them to show each team why they should be drafted. The top seniors have had a shot to show what they can do in the senior all-star games. For some, their hype is building. For others, their stock is falling. They now have only a few more weeks to prepare for the College Scouting combine that will take place in Indianapolis at the end of the month.

Attendees Trying On Dr. Conrad's Super Bowl Ring

Indianapolis is the center of the football world while the NFL holds it’s annual combine. While the coaching staffs of each team are on hand to evaluate the top players entering the draft, the various branches of the medical staffs are also present to hold their annual conferences. Professional Football Chiropractic has been holding their annual conference here for the past five years. It offers a unique set of circumstances where coaches, athletes, agents, medical doctors, chiropractors, and athletic trainers from all of the teams have all descended upon one town at the same time. With the Super Bowl being in Indianapolis this year and the future of Indianapolis’ football icon Peyton Manning being uncertain, this year the football frenzy is sure to top all previous years.

Jon Torine: Colts Strength and Conditioning Coach - Dean Kleinschmidt: Lions Head Athletic Trainer - Rick Burkholder: Eagles Head Athletic Trainer - taking questions from the audience

2012 will mark the 6th Annual Professional Football Chiropractic Seminar. I have been fortunate to attend the seminar four out of the five years that it has been held. The quality of the information and speakers that are presenting is always top notch, and this year may be even better than the rest. Dr. Cantu is a highly sought after speaker on one of the hottest topics in professional sports, concussions. Kevin Morris brings 20 years of athletic training experience to the table working with athletes at both the Olympic and collegiate levels. At the college and professional level, the athletic trainers work as the gatekeepers of the medical staff. Getting a look at the big picture of how the entire medical staff works together is something you will not get anywhere else. For those of you wondering where the chiropractors are, don’t worry. Dr. Dan McClure is back again to cover extremity adjusting. I have had the opportunity of sitting in on Dr. McClure’s sessions on numerous occasions and I am amazed by him every single time. Dr. Jeff Lease will also be on hand to cover an Introduction to Kinesio Taping Methods.

Zack Crockett

In addition to learning from these great speakers, you get a chance to be part of the whole football experience. You never know who is going to drop in at the seminar. In the past, there have been several impromptu appearances by current players (usually Colts that are still in town) who drop by to get treated by their chiropractor, combine participants, and other medical staff from the various teams. A few years back, Tony Dungy was on his way over to speak to the group until being called away at the last minute. This year Zack Crockett, a former NFL fullback and scout, is scheduled to address the group.

Combine Athlete JT Thomas Stopping By For An Adjustment

For football fans, attending the seminar is just the tip of the iceberg. Each morning you here the buzz going around the seminar about who saw who when they were out for dinner the previous night. The town is just full of football people. I could count at least 50 head coaches that I have just happened to run into over the four years that I have attended the seminar. My wife actually literally ran into then San Francisco 49ers Offensive Coordinator, Mike Martz, while he was being interviewed by Sirius radio. She was so caught up in the moment of getting to meet then Cowboys Head Coach, Wade Phillips, that she had to text message my father-in-law. With her eyes firmly fixed on her phone, she proceeded to walk obliviously into a circle of several reporters, cameras, microphones and one former Head Coach. You never know who you will run into, literally. Last year, the big story around the combine was Cam Newton. Was he cut out to be an NFL quarterback? It was widely thought before the combine that he would not be successful at the next level. Newton spent a large amount of time leading up to the combine working with quarterback guru George Whitfield Jr. Coming out of the combine, Newton’s performance was good enough to convince the Carolina Panthers to use the first selection in the 2011 draft on him. Newton would then go on to break several rookie records in his first season. On the plane ride home from Indianapolis, Cam’s quarterback guru was sitting in the seat right behind me. These are only a few of the football memories that I have brought back from the Professional Football Chiropractic seminars over the past few years. As a chiropractor and a football fan, I look forward to attending the PFC seminar each year. I get to learn from the best, be a part of football history each year, and I get continuing education credits as a bonus.