2016 Chiropractic Combine

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Join Us For The 3rd Annual Chiropractic Combine

Indianapolis, Indiana – February 26, 2016
During The 10th Annual PFCS Seminar

Chiropractic Combine

Sponsored By ScripHessco


Join the PFCS on February 26, 2016, from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm at the Hilton Indianapolis for our Chiropractic Combine sponsored by ScripHessco.

Join Us For The 3rd Annual Chiropractic Combine

  • Can’t find the right associate?
  • Tired of running adds and interviewing prospective doctors with no success?

– Or –

  • Are you a doctor stuck in a clinic that doesn’t even understand what sports injuries are?
  • Are you a student about to graduate and have nowhere to take your sport chiropractic talents?

ScripHessco and the PFCS will be hosting a Chiropractic Combine where you can interview or be interviewed, for a possible future position in a sports oriented Chiropractic clinic. This is a professional event so please dress appropriate. You will need to register to attend. Please bring several copies of your professional resume to this event if you are looking for a possible position. If you are a doctor looking for an associate/intern, please bring your business cards.

New This Year… Registration Is Not Required

Chiropractic Combine - Looking To Hire
Chiropractic Combine - Looking For A Position

Chiropractic Combine

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